ENG106: Academic Oral Communication Skills for BU103: Managerial Ethics

ENG106: Academic English Communication Skills for
BU103: Managerial Ethics

Resources for English Language | How To's | Finance | Marketing | Management

SYLLABI: OLD Syllabus for ENG106; BU103 Syllabus
Christine's Links to Useful TESL/CALL Resources (including Dictionaries, Thesauri, Encyclopedias, Grammar, Writing, etc.)

Student Information Sheet
OLD: Link to Wiki for ENG106 for Samples and Collaborative Projects

Writing Speaking Listening Reading Grammar

SMC Writing Center

Techniques of Sentence Combination
(Discourse Markers

Dictionaries, Thesauri, Encyclopedias, Translations

Corpus of Contemporary American English (COCA)

Correction Symbols, Revision Strategies, &Words to Avoid in Academic Writing

Citing Electronic Resources
(see also Steve Burks' Citing Internet and Electronic Sources)

The Structure of a Paragraph

Writing a Paraphrase

Writing a Summary

Writing a Business Memo--Guidelines (see also
How to write memos , including Organisation of Memos, Formality in Memos, Memo Headings, Memo writing scenario and practice task)

Resume Rubric
Cover Letter Rubric

Memo Rubric (weighted)Rubric for evaluating business writing (general, unweighted)

Adam Turner's Guidelines for writing E-Mail and Sample E-Mail format

Effective Presentations -- PowerPoint slide show; advance topics with mouse clicks

Guidelines for Team Presentations

Presentation Rubric (individual)

Presentation Rubric 2 (individual, analytic)

Team Presentation Rubric

Analytic Scale for Assessing Speaking
















Academic Skills: Note-taking Strategies

Standard Symbols & Abbreviations

Discourse Cues

The Cornell Method of Note-taking
-- Illustration

Using the Cornell Method:
Notetaking Video (8:24 minutes)
Notetaking Video with Captions (8:24 minutes)

A Mind Map for Note-taking Skills
















Reading Strategies

Vocabulary Strategies

The Corpus of Contemporary American English (COCA)

JusttheWord - excellent site for synonyms and word combinations/collocations

Christine's Links to Useful TESL/CALL Resources--Online Dictionaries (including Dictionaries, Thesauri, Encyclopedias)

















Sentence Parts and Parts of Speech

Articles -- Decision Tree
Articles - Exercise
Articles - Exercise (answers)

Proofread article errors

See also this Cloze Exercise on Do We Really Need to Sleep--A, An, The, or No Article

Team Evaluation: Error Analysis





















PowerPoint slide shows
or Finance-related Links
Lecture/Chapter Guides Assignment Guidelines

U.S. Business System (CBR)
History of American Business (CBR)
The Business Plan
Financial Accounting: The Income Statement (CBR)
Online Resources (Investment Analysis & Financial Research)
Financial Accounting: The Balance Sheet  (incl. Market Indexes & Stock Price Performance Graphing) (CBR)
Ratios & Ratio Analysis (CBR)
Risk and Return--Bonds vs. Stock (CBR)

The U.S. Business System
The Income Statement
The Balance Sheet / Market Indexes
Financial Ratio Analysis
Risk vs. Return

Securities and Capital Markets




Business Plan--assignment instructions
Capital-Inventory-Sales-Expenses-Record Sheet

Sample Income Statement

Finance Memo -- instructions for writing a memo comparing the performance of two companies using online research, ratio analysis, and market indexes (S&P500); Examples of Reference Citations of Online Sources
Preparing the Finance Application Assignment
Financial Application Assignment &

Creating an index and graph
(instructions for creating an Excel spreadsheet to calculate index values and create a graph)
Sample index and graph
(Excel spreadsheet)

BU103 Financial Statement Worksheet (with formulas)

PowerPoint slideshows Lecture/Chapter Guides Assignment Guidelines

Resume & Cover Letter
 (SMC Students Resource Center)

Marketing Fundamentals: Key Terms and Concepts, Part 1--YouTube video (Van Hook)--marketing mix, 4 Ps, value proposition, product dimensions, positioning, ...(9:05 min)
Marketing Fundamentals: Key Terms and Concepts, Part 2--YouTube video (Van Hook)--branding, market share (3:31 min)

Product (CBR)




Product & Price

Marketing--Concepts & Companies
Wiki for Marketing--Concepts & Companies






Writing a resume and cover letter
Writing a cover letter for a job application


for instructions, samples, see This booklet
See also An Application Letter
Jobs/Roles in BU103 Groups/Teams

Resume Rubric
Cover Letter Rubric

Interviewing for a job
The Interview Process

Preparation for the Interview

Marketplace -- Final Guidelines

Samples of BU103 Stock Certificates
Capital-Inventory-Sales-Expenses-Record Sheet

Product Pitch--Guidelines

Checklist for your BU103 Web Site
Web Site Rubric

Sample Web Sites from BU103
Alternatives for BU103 Web Sites


PowerPoint slideshows
or Management-related Links
Lecture/Chapter Guides Assignment Guidelines

Stages of Group Development (CBR)
Types of Business Organizations (CBR)
Major U.S. Federal Regulatory Agencies
The Business Plan
Site Visit Preparation
Business Ethics and Social Responsibility
Production and Operations Management
(Karen Popovich; posted with permission)


Stages of Group Development
Types of Business Organizations/Forms of Business Ownership
The Structure of Organizations
Human Resources Management  (& laws)





Site Visit Preparation -- Guidelines


BU103: Globalization Stakeholder Analysis Assignment (individual)
Writing Guidelines--Globalization Stakeholder Analysis Assignment

SMC library's BU103: Ethics Case Assignment page
 Ethics--Key Points
Creating an Ethical Work Place--7
Guidelines for Making Ethical Decisions

(old) Writing Guidelines-Stakeholder Research Analysis Memo (individual)
(old) Stakeholder Research Paper Performance Inventory
(old) Business Ethics Memo Assignment -- Content
(old) Ethics Memo--Writing Guidelines

Team Evaluation Memo -- guidelines

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