EN 103: Academic English for Critical Thinking and Communication in Business
Prof. Ch. Bauer-Ramazani




Directions:  Correct the errors marked in the following paragraph.  The errors relate to tense, prepositions, articles, conjunctions, word choice and verb form.

Human Relations Skills

In our group, we are very open and honest to each other; where there are some different ways to do one thing, we can always find a way to satisfy each member.  Our general manager, X, did a good job on human relations skills; he always sets a time for our members meet in library, which showed he is good about communication.  We usually communicate each other by phone; I would talk to X about the assignment we are going to do, and we would decide a time for our meeting.  Then X will call Y, and I will e-mail Z our plan.  The only problem we had in the beginning is Z didnít have phone in his home, so the only way to connect him is e-mail, which we cannot get answer imminently.  However, after Z got a cellular phone, this problem had solved.

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