BU113: Foundations of Business Administration
Prof. Bauer-Ramazani

Guidelines for team presentations and memos

Team Presentations and Team Memos:

The Team Memo and Team Presentation constitute one “team package” that must be submitted together on the date specified.  The visuals used in the team presentation need to be printed out and stapled to the Memo (Memo on top, visuals underneath).  It is best to print PowerPoint slideshows as Handouts, with 6 slides on one page.  To do this, go to Files č Print č click drop-down menu under Print What (bottom left), select Handouts č Slides per page (6) č OK

NOTE: It is strongly recommended that you also make a handout of the printed slide pages as a back-up, just in case the technology (computer, network) fails.

I. VISUALS (PowerPoint slideshows or transparencies):



In business communication (and other formal events), appearance, posture and other means of non-verbal communication send a message to the audience.  Since presentations are considered to be formal occasions, please dress and act formally (slacks, jackets, shirts, skirts; absolutely no baseball caps).  Presentation style and appearance are part of the evaluation criteria.

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