Critical Thinking and Communication in Business (BU113)                                                Name_________________
Prof. Bauer-Ramazani

Lecture Guide/Quiz
Human Resources Management/Laws
Prof. Olsen)

DIRECTIONS: Use the notes you took in class to complete the following questions.  T/F, MC, and Fill-in-the-blank questions count 2 points; points for essay questions vary.

  1. Staffing is part of the _____________ function of business.
  2. Human resource managers are in charge of
  1. hiring
  2. dismissing
  3. insurance (and other benefits)
  4. pay
  5. all of the above
  6. none of the above
  1. According to the definition, human resource management is the process of __________, ____________, _________ and ______________, employees.
  2. Human resource managers must determine the number of employees needed for a job, and they do this by
  1. recruiting employees
  2. selecting employees
  3. analyzing the characteristics of a job
  4. generating a job description
  5. appraising employees
  6. a, b, and e
  7. c and d
  1. How can a resource manager know the specifications of a job and develop a job description?
  1. by watching someone do a job
  2. by reading resumes in application for a particular job
  3. by interviewing a person about his/her job
  4. a only
  5. all of the above
  1. How can an organization eliminate unneeded workers?
  1. by laying them off
  2. by firing them
  3. by offering them early retirement
  4. none of the above
  5. all of the above
  1. A job description must include all of the following but
  1. title
  2. department
  3. emergency numbers to call
  4. location
  5. position
  6. reporting relationship
  7. main job responsibilities
  1. All of the following are true except
  1. Interviewees for a job are usually selected from a pool of at least 10 job applicants which might include some slackers.
  2. Job applicants are recruited from the following sources: "walk-ins", unemployment office, other companies, advertising, colleges, employment agencies or "head hunters".
  3. Companies hire both external and internal candidates.
  4. All of the above are true.
  1. Match the advantages below to the type of candidate by writing E (external) or I (internal):
  1. promotion (or lateral move): _________
  2. new ideas: _________
  3. group think: _________
  4. technical expertise: ________
  5. morale booster: ________
  6. experience and familiarity with the company: __________
  7. getting "first dibs" on an open job: ________
  1. Which of the following is not a method to "widdle down" or reduce the number of applicants for a job?
  1. making an offer to the candidate
  2. asking for a resume and application
  3. interviewing the candidate
  4. assessing the application
  5. contacting the applicantís references
  6. administering a test (written or physical)
  1. What is the main reason why there are no ads in American newspapers like "Looking for male cashier," "seeking young serious attractive intelligent female," "need female sewing machine operator," "photograph requested"?


  1. The following U.S. laws prohibit discrimination and promote the concept of equal employment opportunity:
  1. the ___________________________Act of ________ (year)
  2. the ___________________________ Act of ________
  3. the ____________________________________Act of _________
  4. the ____________________________________ Act of ________
  1. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits discrimination based on __________, color, ____________, sex, ________________.
  2. T / F          There are no exceptions to the equal employment opportunity acts.
  3. DEFINE bonafide occupational qualification (BFOQ).

  4. What is the main reason that an ad by Walt Disney World in Florida looking for a Harrison-Ford-type male between 35 and 50 is not illegal?


  1. T / F   Employers are allowed to make exceptions to the anti-discrimination laws if they do so for the purpose of authenticity and personal privacy.

  2. T / F   Under the law it is possible to advertise for an airline pilot under 45.

  3. T / F   Under American law it is illegal to advertise for a female or male employee in ALL circumstances.

  4. T / F    Saint Michaelís College is guilty of discrimination when it requires the president of the college to be Catholic.
  5. Affirmative action is a series of steps that employers affirm to take when they ___________ a pool of applicants that have been _________________ against in the past.
  6. Employee compensation includes all of the following but
    1. benefits
    2. training
    3. commissions
    4. hourly wages
    5. salary
    6. tips
    7. profit sharing
    8. sick pay
    9. disability
    10. health and dental insurance
    11. retirement plans
    12. stock options
  7. Training includes all of the following except
  1. videos
  2. class
  3. on-the-job training (learning while doing)
  4. apprenticeship
  5. orientation session
  6. feedback
  1. Job appraisal includes all of the following except
  1. rotating jobs
  2. indicating strengths and weaknesses
  3. providing feedback
  4. providing direction
  5. determining how well an employee is performing
  6. determining a raise or a promotion
  1. For the following concepts select the appropriate definition below for how companies attempt to enhance job satisfaction: 
               job rotation, job enlargement, empowerment, participative management, teamwork
  1. expanding employee responsibilities: ____________________
  2. delegating jobs to groups of employees without supervision: ____________________.
  3. moving employees from one department to another to have them become more well-rounded: ___________________
  4. giving employees input in decision-making and consulting with them: ____________________
  5. allowing employees to make decisions: __________________