ENG103: Academic English for                                                              Name _________________

Critical Thinking and Communication in Business (BU113)

Prof. Bauer-Ramazani



Stages of Group Development


DIRECTIONS:         Use the notes you took in class to complete the questions.  Circle T (true) or F (false).

1.    T/F   Team work belongs to the area of management.


2.    The purpose of the exercise of having several people lift up a hefty, male student from the floor to the table was to

a.       demonstrate that women are not as strong as men.

b.      demonstrate that more can be accomplished in a group than alone.

c.       bring some humor to the classroom.

d.      make fun of the students involved in this exercise.


3.    T/F   Each team will experience four stages of development.


4.    T/F   During the forming stage team members usually express strong disagreement.


5.    Cultural differences and different values/opinions may arise in the ___________ stage.


6.    The storming stage can be characterized (described) as a ________________________.


7.    Synonyms for norms are ____________ and ____________.


8.    T/F    During the norming stage group members obey and enforce the rules.


9.     During the __________________ stage everyone acts alike.


10.  T/F    During the performing stage everyone acts alike.


11.  T/F    Teams follow well-known rules during the _______________ stage.


12.  T/F    During the performing stage differences are accepted and used to the group's advantage.


13.  T/F    In the Asian culture open conflict is accepted and expected.


14.  T/F    In the US culture it is not acceptable or expected to express conflict openly.


15.  T/F    Conflict is always bad.

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