ENG 103 for BU113: Critical Thinking and Communication in Business

Prof. Bauer-Ramazani


Team Evaluation Memo ASSIGNMENT


   1.  Due date -- 1st draft: Friday, April 5, 2012; 2nd draft: Friday, April 12, 2013

   2.  Type: individual writing assignment

   3.  Instructions:

TYPE/PURPOSE of assignment:
In an approximately 2-page, single-spaced memo, with headings and an introductory/concluding paragraph, evaluate the effectiveness/performance of your team.  The team evaluation memo should discuss how your team performed as a whole throughout the semester--whether you had an effective team and ran a successful business. 
The assignment provides feedback on the effectiveness of the team and is therefore part of the controlling function of management.


In the introductory paragraph, please state the purpose of the memo.  Then provide some background information on your team—when it was formed, who was involved, what were the tasks of the team.  Explain the team’s business in 1-2 sentences and express the overall outcome in the form of an evaluative statement.  Finish the introductory paragraph with a thesis statement that includes the headings that you will include.

Chapter 5: The Management Process (setting business goals, formulating strategy, contingency planning and crisis management), Types and Levels of Managers (functional areas), Basic Management Skills (Technical, Human Relations, Conceptual, Decision-Making, Time-Management), Contingency Planning & Crisis Management, Corporate Culture

Chapter 6: Organizing (organizational structure—specialization, departmentalization—decision-making hierarchy—authority, delegating, (de)centralization)

Chapter 8: Motivating, Satisfying, and Leading Employees (The importance of satisfaction and morale, motivation in the workplace—various motivational theories—Strategies for enhancing job satisfaction and motivation—various theories—Management Styles and Leadership).

Chapter 9: Types of leaders/leadership (Situational Leadership, Transformational Leadership, Charismatic Leadership, leaders as coaches, cross-cultural leadership)

Chapter 10: Job descriptions and job specification

Write a
concluding paragraph that summarizes your findings as well as the suggested improvements.


For the business professor, attach four completed Performance Appraisal forms for each team member, including yourself.  Be honest. Use the % like a grade. This form is kept confidential--only your professor will see it.  It does become part of the group member's overall evaluation of his/her contribution to the group, however.

Team Evaluation


The team evaluation memo should discuss how your team performed as a whole throughout the semester.  Please address your team's performance with respect to

Answer such questions as

Examples should be provided to support your assertions.

Suggested questions to ask yourself as you draft the memo:


Ability to perform/achieve

Job performance

Organization (see Chapter 6)

Motivation/Leadership/Initiative (see Chapters 8 and 9)

Human relations skills (see Chapter 5)

Problem solving skills/contingency planning/crisis management (see Chapter 5)

Conceptual skills (Chapter 5)

Technical skills (Chapter 5)

Presentation skills


Grammar, Writing, & Vocabulary Notes



  Simple Past
(for a completed event)
Habitual Past (would + Vsimple)
(for a habit)
Present Perfect (for an ongoing but not completed process) Simple Present
(for a habit, fact)
Implied Negative Meaning (with perfect modals)
Tense Markers at the beginning of the semester
when we started selling our product
Every (weekend, day, afternoon, ...), we would meet and discuss ... from ... to
so far
up to now
until now
at present
at the moment

could+ have + Past Participle
should + have + Past Participle)
would + have + Past Participle)

  was/were able to (instead of could in the past)        


Keywords & Word forms

Evaluative adjectives/adverbs (& other expressions)

Collocations/standard phrases

Vocabulary: Words to watch out for (i.e. NOT use)

Wordiness (V + NP) => use the action verb itself

Introductory Phrases, esp. for topic sentences

Verb or Noun + Preposition combinations (watch for differences in meaning!)


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