Web Site for promoting your BU113 group's product/service
(due 2/22, 11:45 am -- link sent via email; Web Site finalized: 2/26/10, 11:45 am)


  1. Develop a Web site that informs potential customers about your company (mission, management, organizational structure, marketing goals), your products/services, prices, and locations where your products/services can be obtained. 
  2. Customers should be able to order online (order form) and contact you for questions/complaints.  Use your Business Plan as a guide (except for the financial section, which is confidential). 
  3. Specifications: See the Checklist for Web Sites for specifics to consider in constructing your Web site.  The items on the checklist will be used in the evaluation of your Web site. 
  4. By 2/22, 11:45 am, send a link to your Web site to your professors so that we know you have started the project and have the correct link to the Web.
  5. By 2/26, 11:45 am, send the link to your Web site to your professor and classmates using the Email tab in eCollege (horizontal navigation bar).  Upload the link to your Web site (URL) to the Webliography (horizontal) toolbar in eCollege) and add a brief description.
  6. See the BU 113 Web Site Rubric for the evaluation criteria used to assess your Web site.

Web accounts:
Web site accounts for use with FrontPage have been requested for you.  Others need to complete and submit the
Student Personalweb Homepage Application online or to User Services, STE 221.  These accounts will stay intact for about one year and will then be deleted. 

Another alternative:
If you wish to keep your Web site and also make it more interactive or even collaborative, please consider these other tools/options for creating free and interactive Web spaces--see below.  All of them are easy to use.  You will need to create an account for yourself/the team.  Only Wikis and GoogleDocs can be shared for editing with one password (or no password).
Please note: If you choose one of the free and interactive Web spaces, you still need to create your Order Form in FrontPage and link it to your free Web space.  The free tools will not create forms of any kind.

Web Tools/Options:

  1. Wikis (collaborative/shared sites; several users can add, edit, revise, post, upload files--photos, audio, video; viewers can comment/upload files; site can be password-protected for editing; tracks what users have written/uploaded)

   2. Google Sites (free Web site): http://www.google.com/sites/help/intl/en/overview.html (video overview included)

   3.  Google Docs: http://docs.google.com (same functionality as Wikis)

Useful links for FrontPage: