Checklist for Paragraphs
21 checkpoints!

BU113: Foundations of Business Administration

Review the Web site assignment and put a checkmark next to each completed item.


  1. _____    Background and font colors, font styles, and font sizes mix well and are used consistently.
  2. _____    Information is easy to locate and read.
  3. _____    Headings are used to offset topics from supporting information.
  4. _____    The home page identifies the company and the project.
  5. _____    All pages are named with appropriate titles.
  6. _____    "White" space and graphics are well organized and aligned.
  7. _____    Pictures are used to enhance the Web pages.


  1. _____    The Web site has a consistent navigation structure (links) that appears on each page.
  2. _____    All links have been checked and are working.
  3. _____    The order form has been tested and works properly.
  4. _____    External links (e.g. to Saint Michael's College) open up in a new window.


  1. _____   Your company's home page identifies a clear purpose or theme.
  2. _____   Your company's mission statement is included.
  3. _____   Your company's organization chart is included.
  4. _____   The Web site contains information about the management of the company.
  5. _____   The Web site gives information about the marketing of the company--marketing goals, product array, prices, order form, contact information.
  6. _____   The Web site contains pictures or samples of the product.
  7. _____   The ordering information is clear.
  8. _____   The Web site identifies the author(s), the date of publication or last editing, and the institution (as a link), preferably on each page.


  1. _____    All pages have been spell-checked and proofread for errors in spelling, punctuation, capitalization, vocabulary, and grammar.
  2. _____    Copyright information is included where necessary.

2007  Christine Bauer-Ramazani, Saint Michael's College. Last updated: July 09, 2017