Sentence Parts and Parts of Speech

Prof.  Ch. Bauer-Ramazani

SUBJECT     VERB   PHRASE                   COMPLEMENT

                                                                    NOUN PHRASE

  NOUN           VERB                                                                 


                                ARTICLE  ADVERB        ADJECTIVE      ADJECTIVE      NOUN
(art)        (adv)                 (adj)                     

Miriam            is         a          very                 nice                 young         woman.  



             Independent clause #1                                                Independent clause #2


SUBJECT        VERB              COMPLEMENT         Conj    SUBJECT        VERB              COMPLEMENT
PHRASE                                                                                 PHRASE


Pronoun           VERB                   PREP. PHRASE                             Pronoun           AUX+V-ing          PREP. PHRASE

Prep +  Noun                                                                             Prep  + Noun Phrase
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Poss. Adj.+ N

She               comes              from    Venezuela,      and        she           is    studying       at         our       school.


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Christine Bauer-Ramazani