Site Visit Preparation




  1. Choose a topic/area of the site visit preparation—you will be responsible for this area.

  2. Discuss your choice with your team.

  3. Develop 5-6 questions for your topic. (1st draft)

At the site:

Writing the group memo:

  1. Develop one paragraph for the group memo, based on the notes you took. 

  2. Use standard writing guidelines (topic sentence, keywords, supporting sentences, transitions.)

  3. Go to the Writing Center for feedback. 

  4. Ask your group to review your paragraph and make any necessary changes.

Presenting the Site Visit:

  1.  Develop 1-2 PowerPoint slides for your topic -- bullets only.

  2. Prepare to speak about your slides for about two (2) minutes.

  3. Practice the presentation of your topic (pronunciation/intonation, vocabulary/sentence structure, eye contact, gestures) 3 times!