BU113: Critical Thinking and Communication in Business

Prof. Christine Bauer-Ramazani


                                               Sample Cover Letter (Business Form)

                                                 Be sure to center your letter on the page!


date (month day, year)


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Professor (last name)

Team Members of Group X

BU113: Foundations of Business Administration

Saint Michael’s College

One Winooski Park

Colchester, VT 05439

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Dear Professor (Scott, Bauer-Ramazani) and Team Members :

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I am interested in applying for the (Finance, Marketing, General Manager) position you are
offering in BU113: Foundations of Business.

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Due to my (reference to your work experience, voluntary experience, or academic training),
I believe that I have the qualifications necessary to be a (successful, effective) ___________________
manager.  I will be graduating from (college/university) in (date) with a (degree) in (major)
(Looking at your resume and the experience/training related to the position you are applying
for, mention the specific experience/training and then summarize the skills you acquired in
this job/training. 
Finance managers should point out skills and experience with
Marketing managers should point out skills and experience
with customer relations, general selling, and advertising/promotion. 
General Managers
should point out skills and experience with communication, personal relations, leadership, and
   With these skills and experience,  I (believe; am convinced; am confident) that I will
make a strong contribution to (refer to your team in BU113).

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Enclosed is a copy of my resumé.  References are available upon request.

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I would appreciate an interview with you at your convenience.  I will call you in the near future to see
if this can be arranged.

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Thank you for your consideration.

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Monica Mello

Saint Michael's College

Box 9999

One Winooski Park

Colchester, Vermont 05439

(802) 555-9485

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