TOEFL Preparation



TOEFL Preparation

Syllabus, Spring 2014
Student Info Sheet

Link to IEP TOEFL Preparation/Academic Skills Wiki

Christine's Links to Useful TESL/CALL Web Sites
(including Dictionaries, Thesauri, Encyclopedias, and skill areas)

Description: O:\Apps\\cbauer-ramazani\cbr\IEP\TOEFL_files\image002.gifThe new TOEFL iBT (Internet-based test) (link to resources)
The TOEFL ITP (paper-based test) (link to resources)



General Test-taking Strategies
Resources for Test-Takers with Disabilities


Reading &Vocabulary

Note-taking Strategies and Standard Symbols and Abbreviations

Vocabulary Strategies

Discourse Cues in Listening

Reading Strategies


Word-based Games for ESL Students (matching, speed, jig-saw)
(prefixes, homonyms, opposites, irregular plurals/verbs, word forms (v,n), suffixes, and more)

Audio Concentration/Memory Games
(exercises with similar-sounding words)


Notes on Extensive Reading/Listening--Performance Inventory
Oral Summary of Extensive Reading/Listening--Performance Inventory

Wiki for adding Roots & Prefixes

Dictionary of Latin & Greek Words in Modern English Vocabulary
(put the prefix or root in the search area to find many words and definitions for it)

Focusing On Words
searchable database of words of Latin and Greek origin, includes definitions for roots, prefixes, and suffixes)

Corpus of Contemporary American English (Mark Davies) <> -- Use this to see how the word or phrase is used in context (with which other words --lexical collocation -- and with what kinds of grammatical structures -- grammatical collocation). 

Sentence Structure
videos on many different grammar topics: Ohio State Flipped ESL YouTube Channel Elements, Sentence Parts (clauses, phrases), Run-on Sentences, Sentence Fragments

Grammar-Quizzes--Adjective Clauses; Noun Clauses;

see Clause Connectors (chart)
Types of clauses (simple, compound, complex) and exercise
Compound sentences (exercise, using coordinating conjunctions)
Compound sentences (using coordinating conjunctions)

Combining Sentences--Subordinating Conjunctions
Dependent vs. independent clauses (instructions) and exercise
Recognizing dependent clauses (instructions) and exercise
Subordinate Clause types and exercise
Writing dependent clauses 1
Writing dependent clauses 2

Combining Sentences--Transitional Expressions
instructions and exercise
Recognizing transitional expressions--exercise

Combining Sentences--Parallel Structures
Sentence combining summary: parallel structures
Exercise; instructions and exercise

Combining Sentences (simple, compound, complex)
Instructions and examples; Exercise 1; Exercise 2

Irregular Verbs
List of common irregular verbs
Irregular Verbs 1--Basic Drill, Fill-in-the principal-parts (85 verbs)
Irregular verb Crossword Puzzle
Cloze Quiz
Fill-in-the-blank quiz


Techniques of Sentence Combination -- Using Discourse Markers

Types of Essay Questions & Strategies for Answering Them

Integrated Writing Task - Strategies

Adam Turner's Writing Tips


Phrasal Verbs
Dennis Oliver's Phrasal Verb Page
Verb + Preposition Dictionary
Two-part Phrasal Verbs
NetDictionary (sometimes unavailable)
 (shows collocations for phrasal verbs and has links to text-to-speech audio files)

Self-Study Phrasal Verb Quizzes
Java-script Phrasal Verbs Quiz
Phrasal Verbs Quiz
Phrasal Verb Quiz

Articles -- Decision Tree
Articles - Exercise
Articles - Exercise (answers)
Rules for using "the" with proper nouns 
Special Expressions/Article Usage
Exercise: The Traveler & My Mistake


speaking materials on Christine's Links to TESL/CALL Web Sites
materials on Christine's Links to TESL/CALL Web Sites











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