General Test-taking Strategies

Before the Test:  

  1. Be familiar with the test and the directions for the sections of the test BEFORE taking the test.

  2. Take a few practice tests under timed conditions.

  3. Read and listen to many sources of English outside the classroom (news, Internet, books, magazines, etc.).

For the test:

  1. Remember to get enough FOOD, SLEEP, and EXERCISE.  DRESS comfortably.

  2. Arrive on time prepared.  Be sure to bring 2 or 3 #2 lead pencils, an eraser, and a watch.

  3. Choose a good seat.

During the Test: 

  1. Approach the test confidently and calmly.

  2. Trust your intuition!  Choose the answer that you feel is right.  Don't change your answer unless you are sure your first choice was wrong.

  3. GUESS if you donít know the answer. Choose the letter you have used the most often in your answers.

  4. Watch your time.

  5. If you run out of time at the end (1 minute before the end of the test), choose the same answer for all questions.  Choose the letter you have used the most often in your answers.

Remember, the following are essential for optimum performance on any test:

  1. A good test environment.

  2. A complete understanding of directions.

  3. A desire to do your best.


© 2006  Christine Bauer-Ramazani, Saint Michael's College. Last updated: November 04, 2019