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Online Course Authoring

CALL Online course (demo site)

Curriculum & Syllabus Design Online course (demo site)

TESOL  Convention Web Casts (session recordings)

TESOL 2009 Web Casts & Wikis
Invited Colloquium
: Celebrating 25 Years of CALL: Forging New Pathways (link to Wiki)
Academic Session: CALL Pathways for Interaction & Collaboration (link to Wiki)
InterSection Session (CALL-IS, SPL-IS, VDM-IS): Innovative Uses of Digital Technology for Teaching Oral Skills (link to Wiki)
Open Business Meeting, CALL-IS

Electronic Village Online
Portal to the 2001-2016 Sessions
Teaching with PowerPoint, 2007

TESOL Academy: Teaching Writing Online
(Sept. 30-Oct. 27, 2002)

TESOL Principles and Practices of Online Teaching:
Online Learning for Campus-based Teaching

(May 2004, Sept. 2005-2015)
Teaching Reading and Writing Online

(June/July 2006)

Professional Presentations
(papers, workshops, demonstrations given at major conferences on teaching ESL/EFL/ESP)

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Christine Bauer-Ramazani 

Christine Bauer-Ramazani



Online Resources for Teachers and Students

Multimedia CALL Lessons
(produced in my graduate CALL Online course)

Christine's Links to Useful TESL/CALL Web Resources
(a categorized compendium of links for teaching and learning ESL/EFL)


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