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Lessons produced by students in Christine Bauer-Ramazani's GSL520 CALL and CALL ONLINE course at Saint Michael's College

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AUTHORS with links to their
web sites
(including web site reviews, software reviews, and CALL-related links--check them out!)

Also see Christine's WebQuest Resource Page, with WebQuests produced in her CALL Online course Christine Bauer-Ramazani
Using CALL in the ESL Classroom -- streaming videos of students collaborating and negotiating meaning using software (National Inspirer) and Using Internet Resources Christine Bauer-Ramazani
CALL--From Theory to Practice: Student Projects with PowerPoint (narrated slide show, discussing the use of student projects in CALL, followed by a student-created slide show with music) Christine Bauer-Ramazani / Chris Dussault
In the News (an intermediate reading/writing lesson on comparing contrasting paper and online news sources); click "slideshow" icon on the right for the fully animated version. Alexandrea Spencer and Karen Terkel
World Wide Web Quest for Knowledge (for kids to practice searching the web effectively, reading and scanning for information, using email, cutting and pasting, and using the printer; divided into "Presentation" and "Lesson"--with spoken instructions) Heidi Brown 
Multimedia Project: Endangered Species (Encarta 97 Exploration Project for Middle School Students)--Click on Click on Encarta Lesson and Student Pages to see the lesson in 2 parts.
Pat Sarvis
Virtual Travelers: Trips to Niagara Falls and Disneyland
(a high-intermediate lesson)
Olena (Lena) Koroliova (web site contains music)
Connecting to the world
(a treasure hunt for intermediate language students)
Beth Steinbach
The Olympic Games in Ancient Greece
(animated PPT lesson for intermediate EFL students, training them in Internet use for finding info, developing critical reading, reporting, and writing critical reactions)
Iphigenia (Efi) Peppa
Diamante Poetry
(a lesson about written description and online collaboration in creating diamante-style poems--for an intermediate level high school ESL class) 
Jessica Holbert
The Haiku Play 
(an animated slideshow with links to student-produced Haiku poems and accompanying pantomime student-created videos based on the story of Helen Keller in the play "The Miracle Worker.")
Pauline Baird
4 Atlantic Waves
(an animated web adventure)
Anna Marie Robinson
How the 2nd grade made terrariums
(animated slideshow with sound)
Margaret Rafferty and Louise Roy
Grammar Show--An irregular day in Grammar Jungle
(an animated slide show for irregular action verbs)
Anna Marie Robinson
A Multimedia Pronunciation Lesson for "th" (an animated slideshow;; includes many audio activities for learning th--sound discrimination, audio directions on a map, a family tree and more; based on the software program Pronunciation Power) Luisa Diniz & Noriko Koizumi
A multimedia writing/reading/listening lesson for Susan Cooper's The Boggart (an integrated lesson for int/adv middle school children, including e-mail exchanges, research, discussion--centered around the Boggart; text with marginal glossing, a sound recording of the text, and a multitude of links to castles and other related sites; the sound files will take 1-2 load) Barbara Dall & Jana Pedemonte
Let Your Imagination Go Wild: An Interactive Writing Lesson Using the Internet Paul Seefeldt & Masaharu Kariya
Using the PC as an Interactive Pedagogical Tool for Concordancing and Collocations and The Excel Spreadsheet Application as Basis for a CALL Activity Authoring System (includes a slideshow with a sample lesson for collocations; uses the Excel spreadsheet, buttons, and sliders created in Visual Basic for the collocations; click "Enable macros"; shows how to use Excel's Visual Basic to create collocations based on a corpus)
Using the PC as as Interactive Pedagogical Tool (HTML)
Connie Malzfeldt and Karl Sklar
The months of the year (a pronunciation lesson for beginners--with sound; in animated slideshow format; includes links for advancing pages) Karl Sklar
The verb phrase (illustrations of verb phrases in the present tense,  third person singular; includes sound; an animated PowerPoint slideshow) Karl Sklar
Nepal: A Trip without a Script Travis Cote
Signs of the Zodiac & Collocations (using Excel) Joe Piscotty

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