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Computer Assisted Language Learning?

What is it? Is there a place for it in teaching ESL/EFL?

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This is my Computer Assisted Language Learning class at Saint Michael's College.
Fall GSL520: CALL
(front row, left to right: Luisa Diniz, Peggy Ellis-Green; second row: Noriko Koizumi, Yukari Muramoto, Barbara Dall, Masaharu Kariya, Craig Roskam; third row: Karl Sklar--tech. specialist and grad. assistant in GSL520, Dawn Maxson, Jana Pedemente, Christine Bauer-Ramazani --Professor, Amanda Pitkin, Ghazi Abu Hakmeh --guest, Paul Seefeldt; back row: Rikichi Izumiya--guest, Jahongir Gaybullaev --guest, Laurent Cammarata)

Slideshow Presentations                                                      Let your imagination go wild!             
Introducing Text                                                                                 -- An interactive writing lesson using the internet
Computers in the Second Language Writing Classroom                        What is advertising? (A semantic map)
Partner classes and Keypals                                                                 Some basic definitions
Whatasite                                                                                            Can you identify them in an advertisement?
Speech Technology in Computer-aided Language Learning                   Now check yourself                                                                                                              Write your own "copy" (or text) for an advertisement
                                                                                                            Compare your "copy" with the original
                                                                                                            Let your imagination go wild (Lesson Plan)

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Software Review
Storybook Weaver Deluxe

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                                            If you would like to contact me email me at: pseefeldt@smcvt.edu
                                                            I am a student in the MATESL program at
                                                                        Saint Michael's College
                                                                        School of International Studies
                                                                        Winooski Park
                                                                        Colchester, VT 05439
                                                                        Email: sis@smcvt.edu
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