Write your own words for this advertisement

What do you see in the photograph at the right?  It is taken from an advertisement.  What is the product do you think is being advertised here?   What's your guess?

Hint: Have you heard the words "cut in" used before?  How were they used?  What might these words mean here? 

Now try writing  "copy" for this advertisement with your email partner. Use email to discuss your thoughts about the ad with your partner.  Make specific reference to the "theme". Click on
mailto: and then key in your partner's email address

When your done ask yourselves, "Is the 'copy' we have written interesting and attention-getting?   Is it believable?  Have we used specific and simple words and phrases Post your partners and your own thoughts to the Discussion Forum, and find out what your other classmates think.

Compare the original "copy" to the "copy" you and your classmates have produced.


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