What are the parts that make up an advertisement?
-- some basic definitions

Advertisement: a paid non personal way of presenting ideas, goods or services by a sponsor that can be identified.

Theme: an expression of an adverstisement's concept and position that explains its functional, sensory or symbolic benefits
              or in other words emphasizes rational needs, sensory and emotional pleasures or one's social acceptance.

Copy: the information given in the printed material of an advertisement.
           (Good copy (1) should be interesting to read, (2) be  attention-getting, (3) use specific simple words and phrases   
           and (4) be believable.)

Visual cues:  those graphical parts of an advertisement that contribute to its effectiveness by (1) attracting attention, (2)
                      helping to communicate messages quickly and effectively, (3) making it easier to remember and (4) drawing
                      interest to the theme and copy.

Now you try identifying these parts in an advertisement