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  • Students work through weekly units with links to hands-on examples or models in a very interactive, project-based learning mode. Canvas is used as a learning management system.
  • No regularly scheduled meeting times but students need to log into the course site daily to interact with their peers and the instructor. E-mail and text/voice/web conference chats are also used.

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Welcome to my online course Curriculum & Syllabus Design. It is a graduate course in the Master's degree program of Teaching English as a Second Language at Saint Michael's College. In this course you will learn how to plan a curriculum and syllabus for their own ESL/EFL teaching environment. Participants develop a curriculum portfolio project in several peer-reviewed segments. They examine the purposes of curriculum and syllabus; survey existing programs; evaluate various syllabus types; analyze the needs of stakeholders, including the learners' needs; determine language proficiency according to language standards; establish a mission, teaching philosophy, and methodology that drive curricular goals; set objectives, requirements, assessments for a syllabus; develop a multi-day unit plan, and set up a testing and evaluation plan for their curriculum.

The Getting Started/Orientation link will tell you how the course is set up.

The Syllabus and Semester Schedule links also give insight into how the course is delivered and what is expected.

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This course is part of the MATESOL Campus + Online strand of the MATESOL Program at Saint Michael's College, where you can take 4 courses online, i.e. via distance, as part of your graduate program. This allows you to continue working abroad while improving your professional credentials and expertise with a recognized master's degree from a well-renowned and one of the oldest Master's Degree Programs in the field.

Another graduate course that I teach online, i.e. via distance, as part of the MATESOL Campus + Online strand is CALL (Computer-Assisted Language Learning) Online. Contact me if you are interested.

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