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Palloff, R, & Pratt, K. (2006).  How do we know what they know? Student Assessment Online Proceedings of the 22nd Annual Conference on Distance Teaching and Learning

CARLA--Virtual Assessment Center--Purposes of Assessment (Links to an external site.)  

Consortium for Assessing Performance Standards Rubrics (CAPS) by the Foreign Language Educators of NJ <> -- multitrait analytic rubrics for speaking and writing at different levels, based on ACTFL Performance Guidelines for K-12 Learners (link contributed by Jessica Klauzenberg, CALL Online course, summer 2009)

Online Learning -- resources for rubrics

Rubric Generators (free)

Creating a Rubric for your WebQuest, a Multimedia Project, an Oral Presentation, etc.

  • RubiStar ( -- Customizable Rubrics for Oral Projects, Products, Multimedia, Science, Research & Writing, Work Skills, Math, Art, Music, Reading.  Use the RubiStar Tutorial to guide you.  Use Edit to customize.  Create a permanent rubric to have it saved for later editing and creating a link.
  • Teacher Rubric Maker ( -- ready-made rubrics for many topics, including speaking, writing, participation, teamwork, projects, listening, WebQuests, math, maps (select a category and find a link to the generator at the bottom; rubrics cannot be customized on the Web; they can be copied and pasted into Word for editing purposes). 
  • Quick Rubric -- free tool for writing, editing, printing, and sharing rubrics; add a description and instructions for your rubric. Create your own criteria, band descriptors, points. More criteria (rows) and columns (band descriptors) can be added.
  • Rubric Template ( -- Use the criteria to create your own rubric in Word.

Ready-made Rubrics (free)

Christine's Rubrics


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