Checklist for Peer-Reviewing Paragraphs

Writer's name:     ______________________

Reviewer's name: ______________________

Directions: Review the paragraph assignment and put a checkmark (√) next to the items that you find.  Put NO if the item is not complete. Return the checklist and the paragraph to the writer.


  1. _____    The paper has the writer's name, the course name/number, the professor's name, and the date at the top of the page in correct format.
  2. _____    The writer kept the margins on both sides.
  3. _____    The writer wrote ONE paragraph with ONE indentation (5 spaces) at the beginning of the paragraph.
  4. _____    The writer wrote the paragraph in every other line, leaving one line blank (double-spacing).
  5. _____    The writer wrote the sentences continuously, without leaving blank spaces in each line.


  1. _____    The paragraph has a title in the middle of the page that includes the key words of the paragraph.
  2. _____    The paragraph has a topic sentence that includes the key words from the title and expresses the main idea.
  3. _____    The paragraph has at least 3 supporting points (reasons/explanations) and 3 specific details for the supporting points.
  4. _____    The paragraph has transitions to introduce the supporting points.
  5. _____    The paragraph repeats key words or uses synonyms.
  6. _____    The sentences in the paragraph are in correct order.
  7. _____    The paragraph has a concluding sentence that repeats the idea from the topic sentence and includes the key words.
  8. _____    The paragraph is clear. All sentences are easy to understand/follow.
  9. _____    The paragraph uses the vocabulary of the unit.
  10. _____    The paragraph uses the grammar/sentence structure of the unit.


  1. _____    The writer has a period at the end of every sentence.
  2. _____    The writer uses proper capitalization for the beginning of sentences and names.
  3. _____    The writer uses proper punctuation rules for commas.
  4. _____    The writer uses correct spacing between words and with punctuation marks.


  1. Please write a positive comment at the bottom of the paragraph. What did the writer do well?
  2. Write a suggestion. What should the writer change in the second draft? (topic sentence, more key words, transitions, examples, etc.)

2007  Christine Bauer-Ramazani, Saint Michael's College. Last updated: June 15, 2016