Ch. Bauer-Ramazani; adapted from MELAB (L. Hamp-Lyons, 1992)




Topic Development Organization Vocabulary Discourse Control Sentence structure Mechanics
12 -

Fully addresses all aspects of the writing assignment, including in-text citations and frames. Stays on task throughout. Text uses appropriate alignment, spacing.


full and rich development (focus, relevance, explanations, support); shows sophistication in fluency of expression. organization fully appropriate and effective for topic (point of view, unity, paragraphing); very strong introduction & conclusion, thesis statement, topic sentences. broad and fluent range of vocabulary; elaboration and detail achieved through appropriate word choices;  correct use of word forms. full control (logical coherence) and excellent use of cohesive devices (key words, pronouns, references, transitions, etc.); presentation of ideas extremely clear and coherent. full range of sentence  patterns (simple, compound, complex), effectively used; error-free sentence-level grammar.


Correct form for text type (e.g. Memo)--headings; correct citations; spelling, capitalization, and punctuation error-free.




Addresses the writing assignment but may not fully develop or include all parts of the assignment.  May digress in parts of the writing. clear and complete development of content; high level of fluency in expression (clarity). organization controlled; generally appropriate to topic; appropriate paragraphing; introduction & conclusion, thesis statement, topic sentences evident and appropriate. flexibility in range; appropriate use (word choice) of vocabulary in a variety of situations; mostly correct use of word forms.

good control of cohesive devices; used successfully in a range of

situations; coherence apparent.


mastery of sentence patterns demonstrated; may have occasional grammatical errors on the sentence  level. Spelling, form, indentations, capitalization, punctuation, and citation errors few and not distracting.





May address a part of the writing assignment, but generally writes about the topic and does not address the assignment directly.  Obviously digresses throughout the writing. Several omissions in the assignment. development of content adequate, but lacks clearly stated positions or supporting information; fluency of expression may be halting of awkward. organization controlled but limited; some paragraphing problems; adequate introduction & conclusion; limited thesis statement & use of topic sentences. adequate range (word choice); no precise use of subtle meanings displayed; vocabulary sometimes used inappropriately; often incorrect use of word forms. generally adequately connected; presentation of ideas generally clear and coherent; cohesive devices could be used more often and more effectively. sentence patterns most often successfully used; several grammatical errors on the sentence level. occasional errors in spelling, form, indentations, capitalization, punctuation, and citation; sometimes distracting.





May write within the topic, but no evidence of addressing the writing assignment itself. Major omissions in the assignment. development of content restricted; may be incomplete or unclear; lack of fluency in expression. some organization apparent, but poorly controlled; introduction & conclusion, thesis statement, topic sentences  may be missing or incomplete. narrow range (word choice); many word form errors; vocabulary often used  inappropriately; only basic and elementary meanings are conveyed. connections awkward; may be missing; lack of logical sequencing of ideas. simple and complex sentences attempted but often unsuccessful; grammatical errors distract from meaning. Spelling, form, indentations, capitalization, punctuation, and citation errors are frequent and distracting.





Does not address the writing assignment. Off-topic throughout the writing. Required assignment instructions not included. simplistic statement of content; often copied from sources or lists of information. minimal attempt at paragraphing, often unsuccessful; strings of sentences; no introduction or conclusion, thesis statement, topic sentences. simple vocabulary, often inappropriately used; no control of word forms; sometimes indecipherable. connections not present or unsuccessful; presentation of ideas unclear and confusing. attempts at simple sentences often not successful; many grammatical errors. Spelling, form, indentation, capitalization, punctuation, and citation errors throughout.


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