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Teaching with Technology: PowerPoint in the Classroom


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Beyond, beyond -- extension ideas and activities for Teaching with PowerPoint in the Classroom

One of the questions arising from using PowerPoint for student projects and presentations is how to score them.  Below are some examples of rubrics for scoring these presentations and templates for creating your own.

See this summary article: Scoring Power Points. The Educational Technology Journal 10 (1), September 2000 <http://fno.org/sept00/powerpoints.html>.

The second extension of PPT in the classroom deals with mobile technology -- getting PPT to play on an iPOD--yes, it can be done!  See #2. below.

  1. Using/Creating rubrics for presentations and projects
  2. Creating a PPT to play on an iPod

EVO PowerPoint team: Christine Bauer-Ramazani, Paula Emmert, Roger Drury, Kent Matsueda, Jessica Noyes, and Sandy Wagner
Created December 19, 2012