Converting PowerPoint slides for use on iPOD

A slide show is possible on the iPOD and PowerPoint offers the opportunity for using texts in Arabic, Korean, Chinese, Farsi etc. This function can be used for vocabulary enrichment and to accompany audio with visuals.



1.       Open the PowerPoint file that you wish to load onto your iPOD.

2.       When file is open, go to File menu and select Save As.

3.       Click on My Pictures.

4.       Under Save As Type, scroll down and select JPEG File Interchange Format.

5.       Click on Save.

6.       Click on Every Slide, then Okay. Close PowerPoint. Click on No for Save Changes.

7.       Plug iPOD in the USB port. Open iTunes. Left or right click on the iPOD icon to access iPod options (on older versions fo iTunes, right click on the iPod icon and then iPod Options).

8.       Click on the Photos tab. Check the synchronize photos from box. It will ask “Are you sure you want to sync photos?” Click Okay.

9.       Click on Selected folders only.

10.   Locate your PowerPoint file or files you wish to sync and then click Okay.

11.   Click Apply at the bottom of the screen

12.   Go to Controls, then click on Eject iPOD.

13.   On your iPOD select Photos. Click on the name of your file. Press Play to go from Thumbnail to Full Screen View.


 Syncing an audio file to play with a Photo Slideshow


  1. Connect your iPod and open iTunes.
  2. Right click on your iPod icon and select “New Playlist

  1. Type in a name for your new playlist.

  2. From your iTunes library select (center button on iPod) the file you want to accompany your slideshow and drag it into the new playlist.

  3. Right click on your iPod icon and select “Eject”.

  4. From the main menu on your iPod device, select “Photos”.

  5. From here, select “Slideshow Settings”, then “Music”.

  6. Select the playlist you created earlier.

  7. Return to “Photos” on the main menu and select the desired photos/slides.

  8. Press “Play”. The audio will play as the photos/slides transition.

Created by Sandy Wagner, Feb. 20, 2007.