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Teaching with Technology: PowerPoint
the Classroom

Important Links


related to PowerPoint

The PowerPoint FAQ List <http://www.rdpslides.com/pptfaq/> -- includes questions about MACs (http://www.rdpslides.com/pptfaq/#name_MAC_FAQS)

PowerPoint Games, Templates <http://jc-schools.net/tutorials/PPT-games/> -- Use these templates to construct popular games and take advantage of PPT's linking and animation capabilities (includes Jeopardy, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, Twenty Questions, Guess the Covered Word, Hillsborough Squares, Wheel of Fortune, Weakest Link.

Slide Share <http://slideshare.net>

Background Samples for PowerPoint <http://www.styleworkshop.com/site/sample_backgrounds.php>

How-To: Common PowerPoint Actions (PC/Office XP) <http://cel.colgate.edu/howto/powerpoint/pc/default.htm> -- a comprehensive list of PPT tutorials with screenshots, including narration, music from CD, creating hyperlinks, etc.

Optimizing Pictures in PowerPoint
<http://www.indeavors.com/resources/ppt1_tut.htm> -- video tutorial of minimizing the file size of images used in PPT

Chalksoft's PowerPoint tutorial in 13 easy steps -- <http://www.chalksoft.com/school/pp/>

Advanced PPT <http://courses.washington.edu/hs590a/modules/13/advanced/adv-ppt13a.html>

Christine's HOW TO's <http://academics.smcvt.edu/cbauer-ramazani/gsl520_online/howtos2.htm> -- includes PowerPoint, Using Digital Cameras/Creating Audio, Video

Impatica <www.impatica.com> -- a free download (trial version) for compressing large PowerPoints and keeping all inserted (linked) files inside the PPT; use the tutorials below to find out how to use it.

PPTminimizer  -- good for 12 free optimizations; reduces the size by up to 96%; does not change the format of the file; no PowerPoint installation required; optimizes and compresses images; optimizes and compresses objects; search for PowerPoint files; Add-in for Outlook, PowerPoint and Explorer; never changes your original presentation

Freeware, including images in the public domain <http://academics.smcvt.edu/cbauer-ramazani/Links/freeware.htm>

OpenOffice <http://www.openoffice.org/product/impress.html> -- includes a free download of a presentation program (Impress) that looks like and is compatible with PowerPoint

Zoho Show <http://show.zoho.com/jsp/zoho_login.jsp> --  web-based, free presentations with registration; no downloads necessary; imports PowerPoint and Open Office files


Download Time Estimator <http://www.blackwidows.co.uk/resources/download-calculator.html>


EVO PowerPoint team: Christine Bauer-Ramazani, Sandy Wagner, Paula Emmert, Roger Drury, Jessica Noyes, Kent Matsueda
Created November 2, 2006; last updated December 19, 2012

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