Electronic Village Online 2007

Teaching with Technology: PowerPoint in the Classroom

February 5-11, 2007



  • venture beyond the basics

  • work with images/graphics, understand the relevance of image file size, and be able to deal with it effectively

  • discern effective uses of animation timings

  • continue working on the PowerPoint lesson/project

  • using PowerPoint in project-based learning and for collaborative student projects

Discussion Topics

In the Teaching with PowerPoint YahooGroup (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TeachingwithPowerPoint/), click Messages > Post to write your comments to the following questions:

  1. What are some effective ways to use images/graphics in a PPT presentations?

  2. After reading the PPT tips below, share one that you feel would be important for the group to note.

  3. What was your reaction to one of the articles on PowerPoint or Project-based Learning (see Reading Choices below)?

  4. How does project-based learning help to create a student-centered classroom?


Task 1: Continue to work on Power Point presentation.
Expected outcome:

  • text boxes
  • AutoShapes
  • a table
  • hyperlinks as needed to enhance the lesson/project.

    View the model PPT presentation in our YahooGroup > FILES > Model PowerPoint Presentations > Model PPT--Week 4," to see how the features for this week are incorporated.
    Click on the link to the
    PowerPoint 2002 Intermediate tutorial and walk through the tasks on pages 4-10.  Build these tasks into your PowerPoint lesson/project.

Changing the Background of a Slide (p. 4/5); Using the Drawing Toolbar (p. 5), Grouping Objects, p. 5/6) Adding a Text Box (p. 6); Adding AutoShapes (p. 6/7); Working with Tables (p. 8); Working with Diagrams (p. 8); Creating Hyperlinks (p. 9)--Creating a Hyperlink to a Web Address, Using the Hyperlink, Changing Hyperlink colors, Removing the Hyperlinks, Linking to a Slide in a Slideshow (p. 9)

Task 2: Optimizing Pictures in PowerPoint
Integrating images into a PowerPoint presentation can make the file size huge.  Click on the link to a video tutorial in this title to see you how to optimize your images to keep your presentations sizes under control.

Task 3: Setting slide animation timings
Expected outcome: Setting effective automatic timings for PPT elements.
Click on the link for instructions on Slide Animation Timings and build some timed animations into your PPT lesson/project.

Task 4: View a model slide show with animation timings
Click on Effective Presentations; view the slide show in Play mode and check out the animation timings in Edit mode.

Task 5: Use the Checklist, Elements of Effective PowerPoints--Week 4 to make sure you have included the necessary components.
Upload your lesson/project
to the Teaching with PowerPoint YG > Files > Week 4 Participant PowerPointsRequest feedback from the group.
Important note: To save file space in our YahooGroup, we may have to delete previous week's PPTs or store them in an archival YahooGroup.

Reading Choices

NOTE: The readings are organized around topics related to the use of PowerPoint in face-to-face teaching situations where technology is used as a tool.
Choose ONE of the articles from the topics below (see Discussion Question 1 above).  Post a brief reaction in our Teaching with PowerPoint YG (Messages > Post).  Put an abbreviated title of the article into the subject heading of the message.
For additional articles on each of the topics below, please click Additional Reading Choices.

Topic A: PowerPoint

  1. Managing graphics to reduce size. http://www.ellenfinkelstein.com/powerpoint_tip.html#managing
  2. Finkelstein, Ellen (2005, May 10).  "Combine animation techniques to create stunning PowerPoint slides" ; explains how to combine motion paths with scaling and rotation to give the appearance of an object coming closer or turning. From Presentations magazine.

Topic B: Project-based Learning

  1. Bradford, Melanie (January 2005).  Motivating students through project-based learning.   T.H.E. Journal Online
  2. Fletcher, G. (December 2004, Editorial).  Technology breeds collaboration T.H.E. Journal Online

Checklist of Tasks for Week 4

I have .....

  1. viewed a model PPT slide show on skills that go beyond the basics
  2. added text boxes, AutoShapes, hyperlinks, and tables as needed to enhance the PPT lesson/project;
  3. viewed a tutorial on optimizing images to keep file size under control;
  4. included effective timed animations to enhance the PPT lesson/project;
  5. viewed a model presentation with animation timings;
  6. read an article on a chosen topic and posted a brief reaction to it in the Yahoo!Group;

Next, click on the link to the Activities for Week 5.

EVO PowerPoint team: Christine Bauer-Ramazani, Paula Emmert, Roger Drury, Kent Matsueda, Jessica Noyes, and Sandy Wagner
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