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Teaching with Technology: PowerPoint in the Classroom

January 22-28, 2007

Getting Started

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  • become familiar with PowerPoint

  • share ideas for a PowerPoint

  • develop a brief slide show (3-4 slides) for a lesson on a topic of your choice

Discussion Topics

In the Teaching with PowerPoint YahooGroup (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TeachingwithPowerPoint/), click Messages > Post to write your comments to the following questions:

  1. What is your reaction to one of the articles on PowerPoint or Blended Learning (see the Reading Choices below)?
  2. How can PowerPoint be used in the classroom?


Task 1: Becoming familiar with PowerPoint slide shows (skip if already familiar with PowerPoint)

  • Go to our YahooGroup, http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TeachingwithPowerPoint/. Click on FILES and open up the folder titled "Sample PowerPoints".  Look at some examples of PowerPoint presentations.

  • Click on the tutorial PowerPoint 2002 Beginning and print it out. Use the information from pages 1-5 to work with the sample PowerPoint slide show you opened: Opening a Presentation, the Office Assistant, the PowerPoint Menu Bar, Toolbars, Outline and Slides Pane, Slide Sorter View, Viewing the Slide Show in Play Mode, Tips and Tricks - Playing the Slide Show

Task 2: Submit your ideas for a Power Point project to the Teaching with PowerPoint YahooGroup.  Click Messages > Post to share your ideas. The project will be completed and presented in Week 6 (examples: a CALL lesson or a student project).

Task 3: Begin to create a Power Point presentation.
Expected outcome:

  • a cover/title page for the slide show with project title, author's name, institutional affiliation, date

  • 3-4 slides (no animation): one with bulleted text; one slide with 2 columns, one slide with text and clipart

  • slide transitions (consistent on all slides)

  • text with font effects and colors to offset important teaching points. 
    View the model PPT presentation in our YahooGroup > FILES > Model PowerPoint Presentations > Model PPT--Week 2 to see how the features for this week are incorporated.
    Use the Checklist, Elements of Effective PowerPoints--Week 2 to make sure you have included the necessary components.
    Upload your lesson/project to the Teaching with PowerPoint YG > Files > Week 2 Participant PowerPointsRequest feedback from the group.

You can learn how do accomplish this task by using either of the alternatives below.

Alternative A: Using a tutorial with text and screenshots
Click on the tutorial Microsoft PowerPoint XP Quick Reference and print it out. Walk through the tasks on pages 1-4 to create the first 3-4 slides of your lesson: Create a New Presentation, Select a Slide Autolayout (title slide for slide 1), Format Text, Align Text, Insert a New Slide in Slide View, Create Slides with Bulleted Text, Create Indent Levels, Add Clip Art, Different Slide Views, Duplicate a slide, Rearrange Slides, Apply a Transition to Slides, Save the Presentation
Upload your presentation to the folder Week 2 Participant PowerPoints in the YahooGroup, Teaching with PowerPoint.

Alternative B: Using Kent Matsueda's interactive PowerPoint tutorial with video (for fast Internet connections only, NOT dial-up)
          Download and follow the instructions in this tutorial.  Turn your speakers on to hear Kent Matsueda's instructions for on-screen movements.  This tutorial has three parts and may take some time to download.  Please be patient.

Reading Choices

NOTE: The readings are organized around topics related to the use of PowerPoint in face-to-face teaching situations where technology is used as a tool.
ONE of the articles from the topics
(see Discussion Question 1 above).  Read and post a brief reaction in our Teaching with PowerPoint YG (Messages > Post). Put an abbreviated title of the article into the subject heading of the message.
For additional articles on each of the topics below, please click Additional Reading Choices.

Topic A: PowerPoint

  1. Murray, Katherine (2002, Sept. 16).  10 Tips for Creating Effective Presentations in PowerPoint 2002
  2. Garber, Angela R. (2001, April 1).  Death By PowerPoint
  3. Corbin Ball Associates (2002). Avoiding "Death by PowerPoint"

Topic B: Blended Learning

  1. Valiathan, Purnima (August 2002). Blended Learning ModelsLearning Circuits.
  2. Rossett, Allison, Douglis, Felicia, and  Frazee, Rebecca V. (July 2003). Strategies for Building Blended Learning.  Learning Circuits.  http://www.learningcircuits.org/2003/jul2003/rossett.htm

Checklist of Tasks for Week 2

I have…….

  1. opened and viewed PowerPoint slide shows in different modes (outline, slide sorter view, play mode);

  2. viewed a model PowerPoint presentation for basic skills to be learned and practiced;

  3. shared ideas for a PowerPoint lesson project;

  4. created the first 3-4 slides of my PowerPoint lesson/project and uploaded them to the Yahoo!Group Teaching with PowerPoint YG > Files > Week 2 Participant PowerPoints;

  5. read an article on a chosen topic and posted a brief reaction to it in the Yahoo!Group.

Next, click on the link to the Activities for Week 3.

EVO PowerPoint team: Christine Bauer-Ramazani, Paula Emmert, Roger Drury, Kent Matsueda, Jessica Noyes, and Sandy Wagner
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