Plants from Around the World

The International Garden was conceived of and planned as a way to celebrate through plantings, the great diversity of countries represented by international students and international faculty and staff members who are or have been members of the Saint Michael’s community throughout its history.  As a Teaching Garden, The International Garden is intended to  provide and encourage opportunities for everyone at Saint Michael’s, community members, alumni/ae, and visitors to learn more about the countries and cultures which, and students, faculty and staff members who have enriched and continue to enrich our community by their presence.

The International Garden is round to reflect the shape of the world.  The garden is an elevated (to 24” at the center) circle, with a 34’diameter, physically intersected by a true east-to-west Equator, identifying the northern and southern hemispheres and, further, visually divided into four quadrants.  The Northeastern quadrant represents the countries from Europe to Japan, from west to east, and from Europe to northern Africa, north of the equator, from north to south.  The Southeastern quadrant represents the countries from southern Africa (south of the equator) to Australia, from west to east and north to south.   The Northwestern Quadrant represents countries from Canada to Mexico, Central America and northern South America (north of the equator) from east to west and north to south.  The Southwestern quadrant represents South America and the southern Pacific Ocean, south of the equator, from west to east and north to south. Further, the Arctic and Antarctic are indicated at the north central and south central points of the world.