Tips for PowerPoint

Christine Bauer-Ramazani

Using PPT for elicitation in teaching Using PPT for viewing on the web Converting PPT files for viewing on the web Links to Guides for Effective Presentations Guides to Tips and Tricks with PPT | Printing out handouts


1.  My own important tips for teaching with PPT (that I have not found in any of the guides below):

2. Links to guides for effective presentations:


3. Guides to tips and tricks with PPT:

4. Printing out handouts
That can be easily done in PRINT, but the default SLIDES must be changed to HANDOUTS.  Then you have a choice of formats--6 slides and no note space or 3 slides with note space.  I also like to use the Notes Pages for my presentations--I have the slide info PLUS my notes all on one sheet.

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