Top 2 5 10 15 20
Avg. 1.25 1.4 2.2 3.27 2.45
"=" 1 3 4 5 7
OBO 0 1 2 3 4

(The top 25 column is excluded here since only six teams received votes in the UPI poll, but how many votes does not appear in the final listing, so the average can not be computed since they all "tied" for 21st in that coaches poll, i.e. "21T" is listed for those teams in the UPI poll column "after" the bowl games.)


Table Legend

Rewards standings before the bowl games and after them.

Commentary: In one of the closest finishes in Rewards ranking history, Miami finished ahead of Notre Dame (7.9281 to 7.9123) mainly because Miami defeated them 27-10 in their last regular season game, and then won in the Sugar Bowl over Alabama (10-2) by a score of 33-25 while Notre Dame was giving Colorado its only loss of the season in the Orange Bowl (21-6), dropping the Buffaloes from the top spot in the polls and in the ranking produced by Rewards before the bowl games were played. Except for a few teams, the averages in the table above is indicative of how closely Rewards matched the polls, disagreeing significantly with regards to the placement of Fresno State and Michigan State. At 11-1, Fresno finished in the 18th position in the Rewards ranking, but their weaker schedule kept the AP pollsters from voting them higher than 28th, and they did receive votes in the UPI, but not enough to crack the top 20. The Spartans were ranked #15 and #16 in the two polls respectively, but Rewards placed them as the #26 team (after excluding Houston, who was on probation), because at 8-4, and with their best wins being only against Hawaii (9-3-1) and Minnesota (6-5), nothing really stood out for them to be highly "rewarded" by this system.

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