The Web site for the TESOL 2001 Preliminary Program. TESOL 2001 will be held February 27-March 3, 2001, in St. Louis, Missouri, USA.


 Multimedia CALL Lessons
(Demonstration at the Internet Fair of the 35th Annual TESOL 2001 Convention and Exposition, St. Louis, MO)


Anna Marie Robinson

Margaret Rafferty

Shellie Carr

Saint Michaelís  College
Colchester, VT 05439

University of
New Brunswick
English Language Programme
New Brunswick,
Canada E3B 5A3
 Haverhill Cooperative Middle School
North Haverhill, NH 03774
Bath Village School, 
Bath, NH
Saint Michael's College
Colchester, VT 05439

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Hardware requirements: Windows 95/98/NT; speakers
Specific browser or plugins required: Internet Explorer 5.0, RealPlayer

Authoring materials used: Microsoft FrontPage 2000, Broadway (streaming video), PowerPoint, Word, Excel (Visual Basic), Pronunciation Power (CD-ROM), 

Use of this internet resource for teaching English:

This web site will give current and prospective CALL teachers a large variety of exercises and samples of actual CALL lessons which they can either use in their own classes or use as a model for integrating CALL into ESL/EFL classes.  It will also demonstrate how a variety of technology tools can be utilized in enhancing student learning through  multimedia CALL lessons.  In addition to various skills, the lessons improve the learners' computer-literacy and social skills through hands-on work with the technology and collaboration/interaction with other learners. 

The authors

The Multimedia CALL Lessons were authored in partial  fulfillment of the graduate CALL course requirements at Saint Michael's College.  The lessons constitute the course participants' capstone project and are centered around extensive lesson plans which incorporate a variety of technologies.  The purpose of each lesson is to engage ESL/EFL students in activities that improve their skills by interacting with the technology.  



4 Atlantic Waves
(an animated web adventure; includes a full lesson plan)
Anna Marie Robinson
How the 2nd grade made terrariums
(animated slideshow with sound)
Margaret Rafferty and 
Louise Roy
Let's Visit Providence, RI
(an animated slide show for e-mail and Internet scavenger hunting; includes a full lesson plan)
Shellie Carr
Grammar Show--An irregular day in Grammar Jungle
(an animated slide show for irregular action verbs)
Anna Marie Robinson
A Multimedia Pronunciation Lesson for "th" (an animated slideshow; includes a lesson plan for using the software program Pronunciation Power, lesson includes sound) Luisa Diniz & Noriko Koizumi
A Multimedia Listening & Writing Project using the Titanic theme (a listening and writing lesson using images of Celine Dion and the movie Titanic, the sound and lyrics of the theme song by Celine Dion, a cloze test and many links to additional sources) Amanda Pitkin & Yukari Muramoto
Let your imagination go wild-- An interactive writing lesson using the internet (a lesson plan for using ads and having students create their own ad copy; includes a semantic map and a discussion forum) Paul Seefeldt & Masaharu Kariya
A multimedia writing/reading/listening lesson for Susan Cooper's The Boggart (an integrated lesson for int/adv middle school children, including e-mail exchanges, research, discussion--centered around the Boggart; text with marginal glossing, a sound recording of the text, and a multitude of links to castles and other related sites; the sound files will take 1-2 load) Barbara Dall & Jana Pedemonte
Using the PC as an Interactive Pedagogical Tool for Concordancing and Collocations and The Excel Spreadsheet Application as Basis for a CALL Activity Authoring System (includes a slideshow with a sample lesson for collocations; uses the Excel spreadsheet, buttons, and sliders created in Visual Basic for the collocations; click "Enable macros"; shows how to use Excel's Visual Basic to create collocations based on a corpus)
Using the PC as as Interactive Pedagogical Tool (HTML)
Connie Malzfeldt and Karl Sklar
A year to remember: A Yearbook lesson plan (a slideshow for creating a themed writing lesson plan for intermediate ESL kids in grades 7 and 8) Peggy Ellis-Green & Dawn Maxson
The months of the year (a pronunciation lesson for beginners; in animated slideshow format; includes links for advancing pages) Karl Sklar
The verb phrase (illustrations of verb phrases in the present tense,  third person singular; includes sound; an animated PowerPoint slideshow) Karl Sklar
A Multimedia Tour of Vermont for our Japanese e-mail Penpals
(an animated slideshow; includes links and pictures taken with a digital camera; original presentation contained sound)
Carol Blakely and Sarah Turner
Teaching Reading and Writing through the Internet (includes music, pictures, and animated graphics) Abdrabu Abu Alyan
Nepal: A Trip without a Script (includes scanned slides in a PowerPoint presentation)   To see it on Travis' webpage--click here Travis Cote
Pronunciation Practice for "th" (includes a PowerPoint presentation with recorded sound; click on the loudspeaker icon to hear the sound) Lelia Senter
The Signs of the Zodiac (click "Ignore" when asked to insert disk in drive a:)
(a slideshow with many images and reading exercises; sound files not included)
Signs of the Zodiac & Collocations (using Excel)
Joe Piscotty
Welcome to the St. Johnsbury Academy's ESL Program Homepages (a webpage with scanned in pictures, created by ESL students under Dale's direction) Dale Hinchey