Interactive Web Spaces


For social networking

  • Personal space
  • Having FUN!
  • Playing around with applications
  • Sharing photos, personal comments, videos, music, messages with personal friends and class community
  • Difficult to tweak for academic purposes
  • Class groups (closed) are difficult to join.
Possible Sites:



For academic work
  • Academic space for class community
  • Use collaborative, interactive Web spaces suitable to the coursework or project.
  • Teacher posts homework.
  • Teacher and/or students post links.
  • Students comment on other students’ work.
  • Teacher comments on posted items.
  • Students post reflective comments on issues discussed in class.
  • Teacher and students post class projects.

Possible Sites:
  • Class Wikis
  • GoogleDocs
  • Blogs
  • YahooGroups for all courses
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Workshop: Interactive Web Spaces -- Centro Colombo Americano, Bogota, Colombia
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