Introductory remarks

  1. Outline of the presentation

    1. Part 1: Interaction and collaboration in CALL Online -- examples
    2. Part 2: Some collaborative student projects in the CALL classroom -- streaming video files for RealPlayer and Windows Media Player at different bandwidths (dial-up and high-speed)
  2. My background (see About Me)
    1. Professor of Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL) at Saint Michael's College, Vermont, in the teacher-training program of the Master of English as a Second Language (MATESL)
    2. Authored and an online (graduate-level) course in Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL) in 1999 and have been teaching it since then
    3. Teach ESL and business courses
  3. Goals in teaching online
    1. to deliver the online version of the course in the same hands-on, interactive, collaborative mode as the f2f CALL course
    2. find ways to create an effective, involved, enthusiastic online learning community
    3. model “how to use technology in the teaching and learning process”
  4. Challenge
  • designing strategies or activities for interaction and collaboration that would allow me to achieve these goals

The course è

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