Building Blocks of a WebQuest



  1. A process that delineates the steps the learners should follow in accomplishing the task. It is to be a collaborative activity for students.

    • Learners are grouped into teams in which each learner is usually asked to take on a specific role to carry out the WebQuest, e.g., scientist, detective, reporter).  A good WebQuest generates some tension or conflict that must be resolved.

    • Scaffolding exercises/worksheets are used to provide steps, resources, and tools for organizing information.  For ESL/EFL learners scaffolding exercises need to be constructed that work on language skills.

    • A set of information sources needed to complete the task

      • web sites

      • experts available via e-mail or realtime conferencing

      • searchable databases on the net

      • video/audio material

      • books

      • other documents physically available in the learner's setting.

    • Some guidance on how to organize the information acquired

      • guiding questions

      • directions to complete organizational frameworks such as timelines, concept maps, or cause-and-effect diagrams

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