Building Blocks of a WebQuest


According to Bernie Dodge, A WebQuest must include the following elements:
  1. An introduction that sets the stage and provides some background information, often involving a hypothetical role or scenario (e.g., "You are a detective trying to identify the mysterious poet." The purpose of this section is to prepare and hook the reader. The student is the intended audience. 

  2. A task (=quest) that is doable and interesting--the culminating performance or product that drives all of the learning activities.  This could be

    • problem or mystery to be solved;

    • position to be formulated and defended;

    • product to be designed;

    • complexity to be analyzed;

    • personal insight to be articulated;

    • summary to be created;

    • persuasive message or journalistic account to be crafted;

    • a creative work, or

    • anything that requires the learners to process and transform the information they've gathered.

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