Web Cast Participation Guide for TESOL 2007
Electronic Village (EV) Fair Classics

Connect with the 41st Annual TESOL Convention and Exhibit (TESOL 2007), March 21-24, 2007 in Seattle, Washington, USA. If you cannot be there in person, join the Convention goers virtually. For the first time, the CALL Interest Section has organized 6 presentations to be web cast from the Electronic Village in Seattle. You will be able to hear CALL experts Susan Gaer, Andy Bowman, and Phil Hubbard present their web projects. By clicking on the links to their presentations, you can listen to the presenter, and also participate in a voice/text chat.

If you have a microphone and headset/speakers, you will be able to ask questions of the presenters directly. Please click the link below to see the schedule of web cast presentations.

Schedule of Web Casts

Important Preparations

Before the web cast:
  1. Connect your microphone and headset/speakers.  Important: Exit all other voice-enabled programs prior to entering the Web cast.
  2. Go to the Alado.net/Webheads room at http://www.alado.net/webheads.
  3. To check your connection settings and download the necessary software (Java), click on and follow the instructions in Speedtest. Return to the Home page.
  4. In the top left corner, click on Log in and read/follow the information, especially if this is your first visit to Alado.net.
  5. At the bottom of the Log-in page, enter your name in the window provided.  No password is necessary.
  6. Click Enter and allow the plug-in to be installed. This takes a few seconds.
Participating in the web cast:
  1. Follow and participate in the text chat on the left at any time.  When someone is typing, a green (ab) balloon will appear next to the person's name.
  2. Listen to the presenter(s) and adjust the volume as needed by using the slider.
  3. To speak, press the microphone icon. A blue speech balloon will appear next to the speaker's name.
  4. Release the microphone when finished by pressing it again.
  5. If more than one person wants to speak, the blue speech balloons will indicate the numerical order or the speakers.




Please note: It is strongly suggested that you also read and follow the Log-in Instructions (top left corner on the Home page, http://www.alado.net/webheads).

We are looking forward to your participation during these events.
The Web Cast Host Andrew Pincon (www.alado.net) and Web Cast/EV Fair Classics Organizer Christine Bauer-Ramazani
We thank TESOL, the CALL-IS, and the Electronic Village team for their on-site assistance with these events.
Last updated: 12/19/2012