Vermont Standards

According to the Department of Education, The purpose of Vermont's Framework of Standards and Learning Opportunities is to improve student learning. The standards will be used in three ways:

1. To provide a structure from which standards-based district, school, and classroom curriculum can be developed, organized, implemented, and assessed.

2. To provide the basis for the development of a state, local, and classroom comprehensive assessment system.

3. To make explicit what may be included in statewide assessments of student learning.

The Grade Expectations can be found on pages 30-37 of "Grade Expectations for Vermont's Framework of Standards and Learning Opportunities, Summer 2004"


- Geography Standards on Page 24

- Social Science Standards begin on Page 22.

- Standard 3.9 on page 15 deals with sustainability.  This goes along with geography in understanding human/environment relations.

- Standard 1.15 on page 10 is also useful in the study of geography.




It is necessary to have the Acrobat® Reader to view the standards.  To obtain the reader follow this link.