Quick Quiz


Circle the best answer to each question.


1.  Vermont's large neighbor to the north is:  a. New York     b. New Hampshire    

c. Massachusetts     d. Quebec.


2.  Vermont is the:  a. first     b. second      c. third     d. fourth largest state in New England.


3.  Lake Champlain forms part of Vermont's boundary with:  a. New York     b. New Hampshire     c. Maine     d. Massachusetts.


4.  The:   a. Winooski River     b. White River     c. Connecticut River     d. Poultney River  forms Vermont's eastern boundary with New Hampshire.


5.  Vermont is located in the:    a. southwestern     b. northwestern     c. southern    d. northeastern part of the United States.


6.  Which of the following states is not in New England?     a. Rhode Island     b. Connecticut     c. New York    d. Maine.



  1. Name three New England states that border on the country of Canada.

  2. Does Vermont have an ocean coastline?