Vermont Geology

geology: the scientific study of the Earth, its origins and evolution, the materials that make it up, and the processes that act on it. 

landscape: the earth and all other objects that rest upon it, either plant life or man-made objects.

rock which is formed when magma, or molten rock, cools and hardens.  This cooling can take place at the surface of the earth or below the surface. Granite is an example of this. rock.

rock produced when particles of rock, called sediments, settle and are compacted over a long period of time by intense pressure.  Some examples of this rock are limestone and sandstone.

metamorphic: type of rock created when rocks buried deep in the earth are transformed into a new formed by intense heat and pressure.  Slate is one type of this rock.

erosion : when rocks are exposed to rain, frost and wind, and they begin to wear down.

sediment: small particles of rock, often carried by wind, water and ice.

geological time:
very long periods of time it takes for changes to occur in the geological structure of the earth.