Mountains of Vermont

topography : the landscape, or the way that the land looks.  It includes all of the natural or "man-made" features on the surface of the earth, like lakes, rivers, and mountains. 

prominent :
the most common element and visually evident physical feature on an area's topography.

notch :
places in long mountain chains where the elevation is lower and it is easier to get across. 

hogback : a series of small hills

plateau :
a very high, wide, upland plain.

alpine zone : areas found on high mountain peaks containing plant life usually found far to the north in Arctic climates.

arctic : the harsh and extremely cold climate found in areas within the arctic circle, which is between the north pole and 65 degrees north latitude.

"mountain rule" : an informal way that the early settlers in Vermont chose their elected officials where political offices were shared by the eastern and western sides of the state.