Rocks and Minerals Crossword Puzzle.

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      1.  Fireproof material

   3.  An igneous rock

      5.  Successful copper mine

10.    Used for chalkboards and roofs

11.    Becomes marble after metamorphosis

15.    Rocks are made up of

16.    Granite is an igneous

17.    Granite quarrying in this physiographic region

18.    Slate quarrying town in the Taconics

19.    Granite and slate are taken from

20.    Old copper mining town



      2.  The "Granite City"

4.    Talc mined here

      6.  Asbestos mined here

      7.  Famous copper mining family

      8.  Has a soft slippery feel

      9.  Copper is mined as

12.    Rock type formed by heat and pressure

13.    Barre granite company

14.    Used for stove tops