Here is what I did:

When first arriving at the site I saw a list and a map of Trout Streams of Vermont provided by Middlebury College
It looked like this:


As I ran my mouse over each river name the river lit up on the map so I knew where it was located in the state. Here is the Mill River lit up.

I then clicked on the Mill River and was brought to this page:

When I clicked on the Map icon beneath the map I was brought to a topographic map of the Mill River.

This activity can be done with every river.  It is good in helping to understand the location of each river and the landscape around the rivers.  With the Mill River one can see that hills rise on either side of the flow and that a few lakes and additional rivers feed into the river.  By using this site students can formulate reasons for river formation and why rivers take the paths that they do as well as how they are fed.

Also on this page conditions of various rivers can be found by clicking on "Stream Conditions" at the top of the main page.  Here a lot of different kind of info can be discovered such as Flow and Rainfall.  There are also a number of interesting graphs like this one from the Missisquoi River:

Overall this through this basic site many things can be done and learned.  It is worth searching around.

Write us and tell us what you did with this site.  Was it a help in a class situation?  Did the students enjoy it?  Etc. 
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