Choose the best answer for each question:


1)      Lake Champlain has been important for all of the following except . . .

         a-transportation  b-recreation  c-mining  d-wildlife


2)      Which of these is not a lake in Vermont?

          a-Bomoseen  b-Willoughby  c-Saranac  d-Crystal


3)      Which of these lakes is not a reservoir?

          a-Harriman  b-Somerset  c-Chittenden  d-Crystal


4)      What is the largest natural lake entirely within Vermont?

          a-Caspian  b-Champlain  c-Seymour  d-Bomoseen


5)      True or False Lake Champlain has about 75 islands.


6)      True or False By the 1870s Burlington was the third largest lumber port in North America.


7)      True or False Lake Whitingham is another name for Chittenden Reservoir.


8)      True or False Lake Champlain is about 118 miles.


9)      True or False The outlet for Lake Champlain is the Richelieu River.


10)  True or False Lake Champlain and Lake Memphremagog are entirely within Vermont.


11)  What two colonial powers built forts along the shores of Lake Champlain?


12)  For what is Lake Willoughby famous?


13)  What are some of the reasons we must be careful not to pollute the wetlands around a lake?