Fill in the blanks.

1. __________ was the first product from Vermont forests and was made by pouring __________ through the ashes from burned trees.

2. As water-powered __________ were built to cut trees for lumber, canals and __________ made it easier to get the lumber out of Vermont.

3. Today __________ % of Vermont's land is forested.  This is true in part because many abandoned __________ have returned to forest.

4. One of the problems with lumbering in the 1800's was __________  __________ of large areas of trees.  This often caused __________  __________.

5. Today __________ are planted to help renew trees that are cut.

6. Trees cut in Vermont are used for __________,  __________,  __________,  __________,  __________, and __________.

7. __________ is used for making paper and cardboard.

8. Woodchips and firewood are two examples of trees being used to general power and __________  __________ in Vermont.