Fun Quiz


Fill in the correct year beside each Vermont fact or symbol.  All answers can be found in the text.

1.  __________ Vermont becomes an independent republic.

2.  __________ The Great Seal of Vermont was first designed by Ira Allen.

3.  __________ Vermont becomes the fourteenth state.

4.  __________ The State Coat of Arms was officially established.

5.  __________ The red clover became the state flower.

6.  __________ The hermit thrush became the state bird.

7.  __________ The sugar maple became the state tree.

8.  __________ The Morgan horse became the state animal.

9.  __________ Students from Barnard recommended the honeybee as the state insect.

10. __________ The State Seal Pine in Arlington was replanted by Governor Snelling.

11. __________ Vermont's population was estimated at 535,000 people.