Vermont Public Lands Map

Hello!  Thanks for visiting the site and for looking for this map.  Many of you saw the beautiful public lands of Vermont map at the 2002 VTNEA Teachers Convention at the Champlain Valley Fairgrounds.  We don't have additional copies of the map but, using data from the Spatial Analysis Lab, we made a simpler 3 color map showing Vermont public lands in Federal, State and Municipal ownership.  The map was made using ARCVIEW and is one of a series of maps that the Alliance will be launching in the coming weeks.

You can see that map full screen by clicking here.

Did you know that public conserved lands total 903,434 acres? This is  15.1% of the land in the state. In the table below, the amount of land owned by different public entities is listed together with their percentage of total public conserved lands.


Area in Acres

Percentage of Public Land
State Forests and Parks 241,954 26.78%
State Wildlife Management Areas 122,166 13.52%
Other State Conserved Lands:UV, State Colleges, VHCB 18,432 2.04%
US National Wildlife Refuge Lands 33,305 3.69%
US Forest Service Lands 392,904 43.49%
Other Federal Lands 52,004 5.76%
Municipal Lands 42,669 4.72%

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