Berman Orienteering Supply Company, 23 Fayette Street, Cambridge, MA 02139-1111 USA
Phone: (617) 868-7416
Fax: (617) 876-1562
E-mail: ona@world.std.com
To subscribe to the national magazine of sport orienteering, write to the above address.

To join the US Orienteering Federation (USOF) or obtain further information about orienteering, write:
USOF, P.O. Box 1444,
Forest Park, GA 30051.


Another source for orienteering equipment and consulting is:

Orienteering Unlimited
c/o Ed Hicks
4 Jan Ridge
Somers, NY 10589
Phone: (914) 248-5957

Compiled by: Laura Grant, 1996
Shelburne Community School
Shelburne, VT 05482