National Geographic Bee 

 National Geographic Bee

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Congratulations to the following winners of the Vermont State Final of the National Geographic Bee

1st: Ian Rockwell, Browns River Middle School, Jericho

2nd: Eric Garret, Bishop John A. Marshall School, Morrisville

3rd: Matthew Christian, home-schooled, North Bennington

Ian Rockwell will represent Vermont in
the National Final competition
Good Luck Ian!!!!


Here are some sample bee questions:

1. One of the largest freshwater ports in the United States is linked to the Atlantic Ocean by the Delaware River.  Name this freshwater port city.  Click for answer.

2.  Of the six permanently inhabited continents, which one has the smallest area covered by desert?  
Click for answer.

3.  On the highway leading to Kilkenny, it is common to see road signs in Gaelic.  IN which European country would you see such a road sign?  Click for answer.

4.  What is the only Middle Eastern country bordering the Mediterranean Sea that is known to have large deposits of high grade coal?  Click for answer.

5.  Estonia includes more than 800 small islands in what sea?  Click for answer.

Check your Geographic Skills, do you know the answers to previous National Geography Bee winning answers?  
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Use the Geo Bee site to further test your geographic knowledge.  There is a different quiz everyday so be sure to visit it frequently!

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