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Student Teaching

Your student teaching semester is a very exciting time for you!  Typically we have a meeting in late January for all of the potential student teachers for the following year.  This meeting is to give you information regarding the application and placement process.  Applications are typically due the first week of February for all fall/spring student teachers (planning on the following year).  ALL APPLICATIONS ARE NOW SUBMITTED  ELECTRONICALLY.

How can you plan ahead?  If you will be studying abroad in the spring, you could work on your letter and resume during the fall semester so you will have those pieces done.  You could also get your letter signed by your other major advisor regarding your GPA (link here).

The more organized and prepared you are, the better your experience will be!!

Karen Donovan
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Local schools used for student teaching placements are identified on the Google map on the Department Pages home page.

Student Teaching Handbook

Student Teaching Cover Letter samples

Fingerprinting and Background Check Information

Student Teaching Application Form for 2015/16

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