CRITERION 1                                          CRITERION  2                                                    CRITERION 3







     Is there a disability?


Is there an Adverse Effect in the basic skills?

Is there a need for special instruction?

·            Give rationale for   
   suspected disability

·            Describe learning profile

·         If the student is determined to have a disability, which basic skill area(s) is the disability having an adverse effect on?

·         If student is experiencing education difficulty in a basic skill area (though not found to have a disability) what information does the ESS need to support/accommodate the student?

·         Report the skill deficits discovered in the adverse effect protocol


        What measures will you
        use to answer the
        disability question?

·           Look at disability   
   categories in the

·           Decide which tests and   
  measures you will use

·           Review measurement  

What measures will you use to answer the adverse effect question?

·         Look at the “disability” measures to see if any of that information can be applied to adverse effect criteria

·         Review measurement outcomes. Decide if they meet the criteria for an adverse effect

·         EPT determines if student is below age or grade norms; in the 15th percentile or below; or a –1.0 standard deviation below the mean; or equivalent.  Choose three out of six different measures gathered over a period of time.

-          standard or percentile scores on an individually-administered nationally normed achievement test

-          standard or percentile scores on a group-administered nationally normed achievement test

-          grades

-          curriculum-based measures

-          normed referenced assessments

-          student work, language samples, portfolios

Identify and develop the appropriate instructional strategies for this student to progress in the general education curriculum

Answer the Disability Question

Answer the Adverse effect Question

Answer the Need for Specialized Instruction

Answer: If YES, proceed to criterion 2

If NO, proceed to criterion 2 to further inform the ESS

Answer: If YES for criterion 1 and 2 proceed to criterion 3.

             If YES for criterion 1 and  NO for criterion 2, refer to the building

             administrator for 504 consideration (section 2362.2.6).

Answer: If YES for criterion 1,2 and 3, then the student is eligible for special education. If YES for criterion 1 and 2 and NO for criterion 3 refer to bldg administrator for 504 consideration.

      Vermont Department of Education Student Support Team revised 10/2006